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Name: Professor: Subject: Date: HIV/AIDS has attracted serious debates and concerns all over the world. Due to the nature of the disease, and how some people get affected innocently, affected; Arizona opted to pass law that would incriminate HIV transmission to another partner.


This law come to the aid of those people who get infected by the infected people purposefully. A concern in regards to this issue comes with a thought provocation as to whether the law shall help in preventing the spread of the disease or the passage of the law shall escalate the spread of HIV/AIDS. The disease has been on the increase since the time it was recognized in the early 1980s. since then, its prevalence rate has escalated though to some extent the medics have tried containing it all along. There has been invention of drugs that can contain the harmful effects of the viruses (Kalichman, 76). The discovery of the antiretroviral has helped in prolonging the life of the infected people. Medics and researchers are also on the lookout researching the mechanisms through, which this disease could be cured. The criminalization of the intentional spread of HIV is not a new concept. The same law is in effect in states such as Illinois, Arizona, and in so many other states and nations in the world have adopted the same law to help curb the spread of HIV and AIDS. The cost of HIV and AIDS is too high. Living with the condition is awesomely high and the trauma of handling the disease is just unbearable though manageable. It would be unfair for one to subject another person to the same condition knowingly. ...
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