What are Yang and Yin in Chinese philosophy?

What are Yang and Yin in Chinese philosophy? Essay example
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Yin and yang are concepts in the Chinese culture that have a rich history of explaining physical and social phenomena (Mou, 2003). The concept of yin and yang explains associations amongst diverse phenomena that enhance gradual change.


This philosophical concept also has a rich chronological record since its discovery and elaboration by ancient Chinese philosophers. The philosophical ideology was approximately formulated in 700BC (Mou, 2003). Since the onset of this period, every phenomenon in the physical and social domains was reduced to yin and yang. The concept of yin and yang was introduced and enhanced by ancient scholars in the Yin dynasty (Mou, 2003). The scholars developed the ideology in gradual steps through history. Yin and yang mainly involves the opposite and complementary association among two different phenomena. The philosophical concept represents two opposite principles in all factors of nature. Yin and yang concepts are key contributors towards specific processes of change. Therefore, the relationship of yin and yang is only observable and evident in the progression of change (Mou, 2003). The end result of this affiliation of the opposite forces is development. Development therefore is attained through the complementary interaction of the opposite forces of yin and yang. The attainment of change through the gradual interaction of the opposite forces gives a new definition to situations (Mou, 2003). Events are always dynamic in the interaction of yin and yang. In this case, the affiliation of the yin and yang forces keeps shifting throughout the interaction. ...
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