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Modern philosphy

Essentially, Descartes was seen as deigning to question the dependability of science based on empiricism since scientific investigation can only be inference from by means of sensory examination. To prove his point, Descartes underwent what is commonly referred to as an intellectual rebirth and to achieve this he had to deconstruct everything he had learnt from birth since he had leant it through his senses and he wanted to prove that they could deceive. To this end, he postulated a few arguments among them the dream theory, suggested that when one dreams of say a fire, they feel warm and experience the selfsame experience they do when they are actually basking in a fire. The same argument can be extended to cover other sensation that people perceive even the absence of stimulating agents or situations. For example, one can dream they are falling and they will wake up with a sense of terror and probably break in to a sweat with fear exactly as they would have if they had actually being falling. ...
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Instructor Date From antiquity to contemporary times, Rene Descartes has been popularly considered as the father of modern philosophy; among other things, the French philosopher was the pre-eminent figure in the development of rationalism. This school of thought stressed on the use of reason as the true means through which knowledge can be attained, rationalism became one of the dominant knowledge theories along with empiricism and it served as a major pillar for the enlightenment movement in Europe…
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