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Arguments for legalization of marijuana The society makes moral and legal rules for regulating behavior and interactions towards people’s well being. The rules establishes obligations and rights that people should honor for peaceful coexistence. Such a scope suggest that the rules are established based on their net benefits to the society or may be changed for improving possible benefits to people.


Opponents of marijuana use have offered diversified arguments to support the current laws that limit application of the drug. One of the arguments identifies the intoxicating effect of the drug and notes that legalizing it will have adverse effects on physical activities. Using the work environment as an example, the opponents explain that when people get stoned after using the drug, they are not able to concentrate on their work. Inefficiency at work and mistakes that can lead to accidents will therefore be on the rise with adverse effects on the economy at both macro and microeconomic levels. Loss of focus is also feared among drivers should they drive under significant influence of marijuana because this is likely to increase incidences of road accidents. This is because marijuana affects people’s rationale and reduces ability to make instantaneous responses. It is also argued that smoking marijuana is immoral because of its effect on the society. Legalizing the drug is likely to increase its exposure and young people will be more vulnerable to using it. At the same time, the drug has adverse effects such as damaging users’ bodies and mind. Significance of these effects has been used to support current laws (Steve 48). ...
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