To what extent is the teaching of Mencius close to the original teaching of Confucius?

To what extent is the teaching of Mencius close to the original teaching of Confucius? Essay example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date How the teaching of Mencius relates to the original teaching of Confucius The teaching of Mencius and the original teaching of Confucius become the nuggets of philosophers who had begun to flourish as ministers of rulers.


With this concept, the two philosophers dealt with the ethical, sociopolitical, and philosophical systems, which developed from Chinese cultural teachings. It would be paramount to understand that this philosophy targeted by the two great Chinese teachers focused on the practical, especially the significance of the family and little did it give preference to the belief in deities or the possibility of afterlife (Richey 70). This is the rationale that these two philosophers believed that human capacity is teachable, can improve, and attain perfection through personal and communal endeavour. They believed that the cultivation of virtue and maintenance of ethics would ultimately liberate the human capacity. It is in this capacity that Mencius developed Confucius former philosophical advances. Mencius himself bears the tag name Confucius, who lived in the 4th century. He converges his philosophical teaching with Confucius, the founder father in the line that human nature was all-good. This is the same observation that Confucius put across (Richey 83). In his own understanding, Confucius emphasized that the human nature is the one that forms governmental morality as well as modelling itself to attain that personal morality. His virtue goes farther to touch on correctness of social relationships, justice, and sincerity. ...
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