Is Yang Zhu's teaching and his principle " each for himself" stronger than Mohist Philosophy? Or are both teaching week?

Is Yang Zhu
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Philosophy Name Name of institution Mozi was one of the China’s true philosophers. Mozi initiated the belligerent essay and constructed the first normative and political theories. He originated a realistic theory of language that gave the conventional Chinese philosophy its idiosyncratic character (Ivanhoe & Van, 2005).


On equal measure, Mo’s principle -“To love all equally”, which does not appreciate the uncharacteristic affection of father contrasts sharply on the societal perspective (Ivanhoe & Van, 2005). As the Mohist, philosophy enhances the aspects of equality, respect for every member of the society, exclusive independent thoughts from social conventions and history the Yogism philosophy advances individualism and attainment of the spiritual self and contentment through self-expression. The principle of preserving life, sustaining the real and avoidance of entanglement wit things attributed to Yangism makes this philosophy superior, however the aspect of not sacrificing on behalf of others, challenges its realism and dedication towards the value of humanity (Ivanhoe & Van, 2005). Conversely, this concept is cancelled by Mozi’s dedication to restore the world order and bring welfare to the ordinary people. From the perspective of caring and thinking about others particularly the less fortunate in the society, Yangism philosophy rates lowly and indeed can be said to be stronger then Mozi’s philosophy. ...
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