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Philosophies Applied in a Hospital Context Name Institution Course Date Ethical Philosophies The reason why the hospital was chosen is the current ethical predicaments in the contemporary health care centers. These predicaments occur due to various causes which include the concentration on personal (patient) entitlements and selection, the growth of new technology, the impact of international rationing systems, increasing costs, inadequacy of resources, the tentative or disagreeing societal and spiritual values, and the dynamic associations between payer, giver, and the sick.


The mission of health care centers charges them to be devoted to the care and enhancement of human living. 2. Accreditation of Healthcare Centers: Accreditation is as well a momentum for sustaining an efficient clinical ethics commission. For instance, the Joint Commission’s section talking about the Rights and Responsibilities of the person constitute the below standards: a. The hospital honors the patient’s entitlement to take part in decisions concerning their care, cure, and services. b. The hospital honors the patient’s educational and individual values, faiths, and preferences. c. The institution addresses the sick’s decisions concerning care, cure, and services got at the termination of living (Rachels, 2012). The Ethics of Virtue Virtue morals concentrate on the type of an individual one must be, and its concentration is on character mannerisms. ...
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