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Philosophies Applied in a Hospital Context

Virtue morals concentrate on the type of an individual one must be, and its concentration is on character mannerisms. James Rachel studies virtue-founded hypotheses on the morality of the type exemplified by Aristotle, comparing them with deed or duty-founded hypotheses, of the type exemplified by Mill or Kant (Soccio, 2013). Rachel claims that a purely founded morality should all the time be incomplete; because it would not on its own just the reason certain character mannerisms are ethically good. The proponents of this hypothesis include Xenophanes a Greek philosopher who concentrated particularly in the culturally comparative state of spiritual faiths, other than ethical faiths per se. Pyrrho is another proponent philosopher and argues that in ethical issues, people may not identify if anything is correctly good or bad, and, thus, people should hang ruling. Sextus is the last one and explains that ethical mannerisms vary so much from one society to another. The cultural Relativism principle applies in a hospital in that it helps people know the value and the effects of some moral practices, like genital mutilation for girls. The second principle of Morality and the Will of God applies in a hospital in that moral practices like going to a health center when not feeling well should not be contradicted with the faith that God heals the sick, thus fail to seek medication. Then the will of God should not be contradicted since God always does what is right and the human beings themselves are creations of God’s will. ...Show more


The essay "Philosophies Applied in a Hospital Context" discusses ethical predicaments in the contemporary health care centers. These predicaments occur due to various causes which include the concentration of personal (patient) entitlements and selection, the growth of new technology and others…
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