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Name Professor Course Date Sigmund Freud and Political Philosophy Sigmund Freud was one of the few contemporary philosophers who actually disliked politics. Unlike most philosophers, he lacks an actual political philosophy, though his various theories about the brain, (the conscious unconscious and precocious) and the human psyche circumnavigate the political sphere.


This is one of the most applied contemporary philosophies, since it explains human behavior, morality and decision-making. The theory classifies motives of people into three broad descriptions, which are the ego, the id and the super-ego. This theory also categorizes various personalities and answers the question why people are different. The main theory that guides this contention is determinism theory, which argues that the past, the present and the future are all interconnected. Arguably, another key theory that is also universally applicable developed by Sigmund Freud, is the human psyche theory. These theories are connectable to various political situations and numerous people have tried to implement these theories in a political context. By nature, most people argue that Sigmund Freud was a conservative. However, throughout his life, he underwent various first hand mistreatments from the politicians, such as the invasion of his house by Nazi Germany troops when he was in his late seventies. Sigmund’s psychoanalytic theory holds a variety of views. Primarily, the philosopher indicates that the nature of decisions we make, or the type of personality we exhibit is located in three parts of our minds, which are the ego, super ego and the id. ...
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