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Aesthetic relativism versus aesthetic objectivism - Essay Example

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end the relation between aesthetic experience and value? Of late questions have arisen and have been likely to have a skeptical cast, as to whether the use of anesthetic is explicated without appeal to others, or whether the term answers any genuine philosophical purpose.The expressed skepticism by these questions did not hold until the end of the twentieth century. This fact prompted the question as to whether (a) notion of aesthetic is fundamentally problematic and has just become known, or (b) the notion is fine and has become cluttered enough for our imagination. Deciding between these possibilities needs a vantage from which to take concerning both early as well as late theories on aesthetic matters.The notion of aesthetic descends from the notion of taste.The reason why the notion of taste commanded a lot of philosophical attention in the eighteenth century was due to the theory of taste that had emerged of which was a corrective measure to the upraise of objectivism in regard to beauty. With this rise especially applied to virtue. While objectivism was against beauty, the judgment of beauty in the eighteenth century idea of taste was to be immediate, against self-absorption of virtue and held the desire of beauty to be disinterested (“Relativism vs. Objectivism” 1). In any given debate, arguments especially to do with relativism versus objectivism tend to separate leaving no in between. The Slippery slopes myth says that people who are on one side of any argument easily find it easier to blame people on another side of an argument. However, concerning the other side of slippery slopes can also be extreme. For example, the prevalent abortion debates that exist today. Furthermore, the relativism versus objectivism argument in philosophy is not altered either. Objectivists blame relativist of being subjectivists that look for ethical negativism by claiming that morality is up to the individualism; relativist blame objectivists of being absolutists of whom believe that all queries have a single right answer, regardless of culture or context. With such a debate, majority population holds the view of falling somewhere in between. Concerning relativism, this interpretation states that the moral principles are lawful, but vary in culture (conventionalism) or individuals (subjectivism). For instance, Ruth Benedict debates that different cultures have different principles, how can someone judge another person. Each of these moralities is equally legal. She goes on to argue from the angle of normality that each culture outlines what behavior is considered normal, in order to fit the majority’s behavior. The said majority population then describes normality as well as living by it, and the small minority is seen as abnormal. Ruth calls majority “socially convenient approved ways” and standard as “variations of good concepts.” Put differently, whatever social acceptable behavior is considered good and normal. While subjectivism is considered the extreme result of relativism. That being said we can say that morality is determined on an individual level and not at a social or even universal level. Therefore, moral principles that are viewed as valid are the ones a person believes in. Making all principles ...Show more
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The notion of anesthetic was introduced in the eighteenth century, and the term aesthetic has now become used to designate things like, kind of object, kind of experience, kind of judgment as well as a kind of value…
Aesthetic relativism versus aesthetic objectivism
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