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Are there any reasons to fear death? Why (not)? Even after huge advancements in science and technology, the secrets behind life and death are beyond the grasping power of the human being. Nobody comes to this world knowingly and nobody leaves this world happily.


In their opinion, God knows all the things happening in this world and he has as plan about humanly life in this world. Religions argue that God has sent human to this world with a mission and those who complete the mission successfully would get salvation or eternal life whereas the failed people would get hell or punishment after death. As the same time, Science does not believe in these arguments put forward by the religions. According to scientific principles, God is only a creation rather than a creator. Science argues that there is no evidence to suggest the existence of God and religions are the major contributors towards the concept of God. Science never believes in beliefs and the concept of God is only a belief to it. In short, science and religions have different perceptions about the God and hence both have different opinions about the life after death. Science believes that life starts and ends in this world and there is no life after death. Therefore, Science argues that there is nothing to worry about death or life after death. On the other hand, religions believe that the current life is only a temporary one and the eternal life would take place only after the death of a person, based on the activities of the person in this life. In other words, religions argue that there is something to worry about death and life after death. ...
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