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Article Response Matthews, M. R. (December 2003). “Thomas Kuhn’s Impact on Science Education: What Lessons Can be Learned?” Science Education, Vol. 88(1): 90-118. Fall 2012 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Matthews’ Thomas Kuhn’s Impact on Science Education: What Lessons Can be Learned?


The breadth of Kuhn’s influence on intellectual fields is captured by Matthews (2003). According to Matthews (2003) more than a million readers were impacted by Kuhn’s works. Moreover, many more were influenced by educators and writers who discussed or otherwise debated or discussed Kuhn’s work. Matthews (2003) also points out that Kuhn’s impact on education goes further in sparking debate among scholars and impacting research and methodology techniques because Kuhn raised a number of philosophical and methodological questions relative to the acquisition of knowledge. This paper analyses Matthews’ (2003) article and draws on insight from the education philosophies of Gutek (2000) and Eisner (2001) in ascertaining the practical implications for education. This research study is therefore divided into three main parts. The first part of this study provides a summary of Matthews’ position. The second part of the paper analyses Matthew’s position and its practical implications for education by reference to Gutek (2000 & 2004) and Eisner’s (2001) philosophies of education. The third part of the paper will provide the author’s position and its practical implications for education. ...
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