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Essay example - To what extent are football violence and sectarianism linked?

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Link between Football Violence and Sectarianism Name Institution Tutor Date Link between Football Violence and Sectarianism Introduction In regard to Ward & Williams (2010), sectarianism can be hatred, bigotry and discrimination that arises from attaching importance to differences perceived within a group, and consequently causing subdivisions within the group…

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In Scotland, sectarianism takes the form of political sectarian rivalry and religious sectarian rivalry which occurs between Catholics and Protestants. Sectarianism is clear in football clubs such as the fierce rivalry between Celtic football club and Rangers football club. Discussion Sectarianism According to Murray (2000), sectarianism in the Scottish football arises from offensive behaviours on the pitch. The behaviours include expression of religious, social, political and racial incitement. This aspect may occur between players of two opposing teams or among the fans. The behaviour of managers and players influences sectarianism whereby, players may receive influence from the manager who is in rivalry with the manager of the opposing team (Murray, 2000). This implies that the players will consider the opposing team as a rival, not just in the football contest, but also in the physical sense. The managers play a vital role in ensuring that there is no sectarianism among players since they are the role models of the players. Sectarianism may also occur during the broadcasting of a match where the commentary may use sectarian terms and incite the fans. The commentators have personal beliefs and interest. ...
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