Thomas Kuhn`s Pradigm theory

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Key words: paradigm, incommensurability, normal science, digital, surveying and mapping Abstract This paper describes Thomas Kuhn’s Paradigm theory and the existence of paradigm shifts in scientific disciplines, resulting from technological and theoretical advancements.


This is again followed by a new crisis and a new revolution, leading to a new normal science in the next cycle. In spite of their validity in explaining the history of science, Kuhn’ ideas met a lot of criticisms. This paper attempts to analyse paradigm shifts in the development of surveying and mapping techniques, and the replacement of traditional methods with digital methods of surveying and mapping. The characteristics of paradigm in digital surveying and mapping are introduced and thus, an attempt is made at explaining the development of digital surveying and mapping techniques in light of Kuhn’s paradigm theory and paradigm shifts. 1. Thomas Kuhn’s Key ideas The failure of foundationalism was the development of Weltanschauung views of Thomas Kuhn and some philosophers. His book, The Structure of Scientific Revolution, published in 1962, is the most cited book in the twentieth century. Thomas Kuhn introduced incommensurability, normal science and paradigm changes to the philosophy of science in this book. Incommensurability is used to describe conditions when one is not able to judge and compare the same standards, or have no common standard of measurement (Oxford Online Dictionary). ...
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