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Inverted perspective and the axiom of realism - Essay Example

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Inverted perspective and the axiom of realism

Similarly, Arnheim defines art as the nature of visual perception together with the nature of medium of representation. That is, art combines what is seen in nature and the way it is represented. Consequently, it is quite common that an artist will use linear perspective, whereby the lines in the artistic representation tend to converge at a common point at a distant horizon. This aspect tends to represent the artistic work in relation to the axiom of realism. On the other hand, Arnheim claim that use of inverted perspective is inherent in the history of art. Inherently, this paper looks at the Arnheim argument in relation to different artistic representation. Inverted perspective The aspect of inverted perspective was introduced in 1907 by Oskar Wulff. The term inverted perspective means the opposite of traditional linear perspective. Compared to linear perspective, which develops the illusion of space through having images in the distance become smaller and smaller with everything demonstrating a single vanishing point. 1With the inverted perspective, the reality of space in the ground is denied. The images in the ground are sometimes larger compared to those in the foreground and the diminishing points are over and over again in the foreground. This keeps a person’s attention in the foreground between the object of veneration and the viewer. Examples of Inverted perspective include: Buddhist mural which open up and expand hence increasing the viewer’s sense of awe. 2Arnheim also puts across the difference between the representational and intellectual concepts and consequently depicting the distinguishing factors in intellectual development and representational abilities. According to Arnheim, the early forms of representation have formal qualities. Moreover Arnheim claims that the linear perspective is not actually privileged whereas he terms the inverted perspective as a misnomer owing to the fact that it is genetically and naturally privileged. In actual sense, the inverted perspective is advantaged by the fact that it can be in a position to render size together with volume unambiguously. Notably, Arnheim has described various ways through which images are perceived differently due to the difference in our learning. The Arnheim’s law of differentiation suggests that a perceptual feature should be presented through the use of structurally simplest of its entire number of interpretations. This is because the consequences of interpretation can be great. More importantly, Arnheim suggests that inverse perspective offers a functional approach towards simple interpretation. According to Arnheim the inverted perspective is a pictorial device that is normally used by the artists who are not aware of geometry of perspective, as in the western paintings or who have actually decided not to obey it. More importantly, the inverted perspective serves as a perfect example that is used in illustrating two diverse ways of accounting theoretically, the deviations which result from the projective realism. First, is due to the prejudice that comes from specific convections of western art and secondly it provides the psychological base used to explain pictorial phenomena. Features of inverted perspective Clearly, inverted perspective solves a number of issues that other perspectives are not in a position to. Despite the fact that the isometric perspective illustrates an artistic expression of nature just ...Show more


Inverted perspective and the axiom of realism.
The axiom of realism is a principle that aims at representing things as realistic as possible. Despite this Arnheim acknowledges that a number of artist have negated the customs of axiom of realism…
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Inverted perspective and the axiom of realism essay example
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