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Arguments for abortion - Essay Example

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Abortion is the process of termination of the pregnancy taking place inside a woman’s body in order to remove the foetus or the embryo from the uterus and stop it from growing into a baby. …
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Arguments for abortion
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Arguments for abortion

Moreover the extent of abortion has also reduced a great deal because of the spread of awareness regarding safe sex and encouraged use of contraceptives, among even people living in the rural and backward areas of the world. The legality of abortion is a much debated topic in most countries around the world with some countries’ constitutions looking down upon the subject and others allowing it with certain exceptions and till a certain date of the growth of the embryo. Many people are even concerned with the ethical issue of abortion and whether or not it involves killing another soul; all these controversies have caused a great deal of scarring on the right that women have over abortion too, because after all they carry the child and have to go through all the pain and physical trauma. (Mappes, Thomas A., and David DeGrazia) Most abortions that take place are due to unintended pregnancies and the abortion takes place depending upon the gestation period of the embryo because if the embryo has grown into a foetus of 5 or more months, it may not be possible to carry out an elective or therapeutic mode of abortion as by the time, the baby is almost fully developed. Many abortions are carried out because of issues ranging from rape and incest to health risks being posed to the woman’s body and her inability to carry the child due to lack of nutrition, proper health care facilities etc. In many cases, the abortion may be spontaneous, resulting in a miscarriage, when the embryo or the foetus faces an unintentional expulsion. This usually takes place before the 24th week of gestation. If a miscarriage takes place before 37 weeks of gestation then it is termed as a premature birth and not an abortion or miscarriage because by this time, the live infant is delivered, and may in many cases be a still born. Such spontaneous abortions may be caused by accidental trauma or even stress. (Mappes, Thomas A., and David DeGrazia) The medical methods of having an abortion till the early gestation period include ingesting medicines containing mifepristone misoprostol combinations of 200 mg followed by 800 mcg of vaginal or buccal misoprostol and these medicines may be effective till the 9th gestation week. In most European countries like France, Britain, Switzerland and Nordic countries this is the most common medicine used by people and they tend to abort their pregnancies before the 9th week. In the United States of America on the other hand, the number of women ending their pregnancies in such early weeks are far lower. The surgical methods used till 15 weeks of gestation are suction or vacuum aspiration where a syringe is used to remove the foetus or the embryo and the placenta with an electric pump. (Mappes, Thomas A., and David DeGrazia) Many doctors also use the method of menstrual extraction where a cervical dilation is not required. Another method encouraged by the World Health Organization is called Curettage where the walls of the uterus are cleaned with a curette, leading to very less chances of infection and bleeding. In many backward areas of the world, several unclean and unhygienic methods are used that are very unsafe and tend to cause deaths among pregnant women in their attempt to have their child aborted such as the insertion of objects like hangers and knitting needles inside the vagina to remove the foetus or embryo. The issue of abortion is one of the most widely discussed debates in the world today; it involves the riddance ... Read More
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