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Are there ever circumstances in which nations are justified in suspending the laws of war? - Essay Example

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Are there ever circumstances in which nations are justified in suspending the laws of war?

The law also gives a time period that the war should continue. This is considered in the international humanitarian law that insists that the war time conduct should be limited to acceptable volumes. Therefore, the war should only continue to a certain length of time. On the other hand, just war theory deals with issues that are related to why and how wars are fought between countries, states and regions. Some wars are justified as they have a noble cause. This brings the point where countries have to engage in wars that have a solid bearing and they should be fought. In this historic aspect of war, there are traditions that are directly inclined to rules of agreement where they have been applied across many wars across the world. In many times, people use their philosophical conventions to decide on these particular decisions. War does rely on the use of weaponry and strategy, to ensure a country protects its interests. Since time immemorial, people have been fighting in the world with different causes implicated to the beginning of the war. With the prevalence in fighting, people have been blaming each other for the fighting (Shanahan, 2005:34). There are many aspects that go beyond historical philosophy, philosophy of the incumbent law and the political history of a place or country that could lead to suspension of laws of war. ...Show more


Ethics of War: Circumstances in Suspending the Laws of War Countries have their issues and may decide to sort them in their own way, which includes war. However, the law of war, which is a governing body, has stipulated laws that are deemed to control the indulgence of war…
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