How does spaces change perceptions on things and people ?

How does spaces change perceptions on things and people ? Essay example
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[Name of Student] [Name of Professor] [Subject] [8 December 2012] How does space change perceptions on things and people? ABSTRACT People have always been fascinated by the process involved on how human perceives things and people. It is the same reason why philosophers have always been eager to understand the art of human perception.


There are also external factors like human experience which influence these physical characteristics. In effect, these external elements provide biases on how individuals perceive things and people around them. This text sought to provide a thorough analysis on how human perception is created through the human brain and its physical senses. Moreover, this writing discussed the factors which affect how human perceives objects. One of which is the philosophy of space and time. Finally, this text also pursued to provide an answer to the question, “How does space change perceptions on things and people?”. 1. INTRODUCTION Perception dictates the behavior of people and the human interaction as a whole. It is a person’s perception that affects the person’s response in the form of his or her actions. This is the reason why understanding human behavior has always been associated with the concept of perception. Thus, the study on perception has always been evident in different fields in the social sciences like sociology, psychology, and philosophy. Generally, perceptions depend on an individual’s sensory qualities such sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste ("Problem of Perception."). However, it is the mind that has a crucial control on these sensory qualities. ...
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