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Worksheet #1 1. Jesus’ early followers believed that he was the Messiah promised in Jeremiah 31:31. For all the regional differences of Judaism at the time, they considered themselves the Chosen of God, the People of Israel, as promised by God to Abraham.


Unlike virtually every other religion of the time, the Hebrew God “had no image, no myth, and no cult practices . . . “ and He was omnipotent, with authority reaching to all people and not just the Jews (Frend 13). 2. During the time of the Babylonian exile, when they defeated the Jews in Jerusalem in 587 B.C., the Jews did not lose faith in their God and strongly believed they would be delivered by God’s emissary on earth, an Anointed Messiah who would restore the Jews to their rightful home in Israel (Frend 13). Not all Jews chose to return to Israel after the Babylonians were conquered by Cyrus the Persian and Babylonia continued to have a vibrant Jewish culture for several centuries (Frend 15). The Persian Empire was overthrown by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. and gave the Jews greater freedom of movement and they settled in Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Asia Minor (Frend 16). This gave rise to a diluted form of Judaism, especially among the Maccabees in Greek society (Frend 16, 17). However, even the Hellenized Maccabees had their limits on departure from God’s Law and they revolted against the Syrian rulers in 166 B.C.. For the Jews, the ruler Antiochus pushed too hard to change Jewish culture. The revolt continued until 142 B.C. with the Jews ultimately prevailing (Frend 17). ...
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