Whats the meaning of life? Meaning of life from religion point of view.

Whats the meaning of life? Meaning of life from religion point of view. Essay example
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Most of us spent our lives in everyday chores. We eat, sleep, wash, work, dress up, relax, balance the checkbooks, do laundry, clean house, pay bills, chat, car serviced and worrying about thousands other miscellaneous work to search for some pleasures doing small things that makes our lives a worth living place.


We go through all these chores in intervals between the acquainted milestones from birth to death. We get kids, lose parents, we complete studies find a job and start a marital life, set up homes enjoy accomplishments at some points and face failures on the other. Similarly, we make new friends, fight with the old ones, change house, cities, countries, change jobs, get hired and fired from different jobs, face many hardships, fall ill, recover, save a few bucks for our retirement and eventually retires. So, the life runs on its track for me, for you and for everyone and interestingly, these activities set up human’s life. No doubt, keeping life going needs a constant struggle. No one ever wishes to die but, it is a harsh reality. Though, we can cope up with never ending life problems but, we can’t stop the deaths. In the journey of life, if you fail you will suffer and if you get success you will feel a sense of accomplishment, triumph, immense pleasure and of course peace of mind. ...
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