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The Abortion Debate

Few are willing to try to understand the opposing opinion. Each side firmly believes they have the moral high ground and that the other is horribly mistaken. One is concerned with the innocent fetus being killed for the sake of convenience, the other concerned with the health of young women who would maim themselves in an attempt to perform an unsafe illegal abortion. Perhaps the national discussion would be furthered if each side better understood the other which is what this paper intends to do. Those are against the idea of legal abortions generally are aligned with the religious right. Not all religious persons are ‘pro-life.’ The religious right describes those with rigid, Christian fundamentalist views. Though the Bible does not mention the word abortion, this faction of society believes life begins at conception. Many do not think contraception should be legal either because it is ‘playing God’ in their opinion. They say that legal abortions allow the potential father to coerce the pregnant women into killing their unborn child. Abortion makes it easy for the man to say ‘just go take care of it’ and their responsibility for the baby ends there without another thought. The woman must endure the discomfort of the medical procedure followed by a lifetime of regret and guilt due to this irreversible decision. ...
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In 1973 The U.S. Supreme Court decided that abortion would be legal. This historic decision did not end the debate. Nearly 40 years later abortion may be the most controversial and emotional issues in the nation…
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