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How does the case of the 'Guildford Four' Illustrate the weaknesses of utilitarianism when used as the moral guide of the State? - Coursework Example

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In this report,utilitarianism,as proposed by Bentham will first be defined followed by discussing the reasons why “scape goat” objection is considered as a weakness similar to the Guilford Four.As proposed by Mill,the role of utilitarianism in our society will be tackled in relation to how it can provide as a better solution …

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How does the case of the 'Guildford Four' Illustrate the weaknesses of utilitarianism when used as the moral guide of the State?

The act of judging whether or not a given action is morally right or wrong is considered a very complex situation. Specifically the case of the 'Guildford Four' illustrates the weaknesses of utilitarianism when used as the moral guide of the state. In judging whether or not human action is intrinsically right (good) or wrong (evil), the role of the public policymakers comes in. As stated by Sir William Blackstone, “It is better to let ten guilty men go free than to wrongly incarcerate one innocent man”. Because of the increasing number of wrongful conviction in UK, developing a set of political rules in the form of law will not always lead to actions that are morally good. One way or the other, developing a set of political rules the the form of creating a legal system may only serve as a scapegoating tactics in the case of the true criminals. As compared to the theory of utilitarianism, the concept of deontology is totally different in the sense that deontology remains focus on judging an action by observing the righteousness or wrongness of an action regardless of whether the end result of the action is good or evil (Nishukan 2007). Instead of taking into consideration the end-result of an action, Immanuel Kant suggest the use of deontology more than the classical utilitarianism since deontology judges moral issues by carefully examining the type of actions being committed by a person ...
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