Queer culture from the 19th century through modern times

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Introduction Notions of identity, freedom, and autonomy have marked the recent intellectual era. These serve as the as the fundamental and dominant principles and ideologies that underlie liberalism in the society.1 These ideals necessitate acceptance and respect towards a person’s subjectivity and dignity.


Thus, the search for the person within the public sphere has led to a gamut of discourses centering on the person, or focusing on the public sphere or in combination of - who is the person? and what is the public sphere? In the context of continued struggle of gays for acceptance and freedom, this study will be dealing with queer theory, focusing on gay literature. It will assert the proposition that queer theory is one of the most viable approaches in explaining the current predicament of gay persons as they reaffirm facets of humanity that have been long denied as an authentic expression of being human. As such, the study aims to show the gay community’s struggle for equality in society as their plight is marked by marginalization, shame, discrimination and exclusion. Queer theory denotes a sense of difference or strangeness.2 The researcher acknowledges that queer theory can be learned from different perspectives, and that gay literatures provide valuable and particular view of queer theory rooted in gays’ experiences, articulations and existence in the world. 3 In light of this, the study will use genealogical methodology as it traces the historical underpinnings of queer theory from 19th century to the present. ...
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