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Death Penalty When a state punishes an individual, who has committed a criminal offense, by imposing a death punishment, it is referred to as a death penalty or capital punishment. In the earlier times, such a punishment was thought to protect the society for crimes and relieve the criminal of their souls.


An article published by The New York Times referred to as “An Indefensible Punishment”, has presented the views on how death penalty needs to be abolished. For this particular study the focus has been placed in support of the opinion that death penalty cannot be considered to be a correct method of punishing an individual primarily because it is a very indefensible form of penalty to be decided by another individual. The above mentioned article has been primarily based on for the study. Death Penalty: An Indefensible form of Punishment: According to the opinions of different theorists in the past, death penalty could in earlier times be considered as a significant measure that could prevent crimes from taking place within a society. This is primarily because individuals committing dreadful crimes like murder, rape, homicides, or any other form of act that is against the rule of law or justice, if punished with the death penalty could act as an intimidation for other individuals who might have plans to take any such measure. However over time people have realized that the punishment of death is a harsh and cruel form of penalty and that to live is the right of every individual (An Indefensible Punishment). It can be understood that a person who murders another person or attempts similar crimes need to be punished. ...
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