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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Introduction Reality is the state or quality of being true or actual. Reality comes with experience and aspects of visual state. For something to be proved real, it must be subjected to a test. The tests can be physical, in the form of measurement or visual tests for example, looking at something to tell its color.


These things are real and anyone can vividly attest to that fact. There are however a lot of miseries that still remains uncovered, or things that can not be measured to ascertain their reality. One cannot come up with a conclusive answer as to their reality existence. This is why theories have been developed to answer these rhetorical questions. Reality Theories There are different theories that tend to describe and give meaning to the word reality. To exhaustively discuss reality, we must have an in-depth understanding of these theories and how relevant they are to our lives. These reality theories are; Reality 1; this is the summation of all things that are real. In this theory, reality is what is experienced as they are not as they are imagined or illusion. Reality 1 holds that, everything that exists in singular totality like the universe is real. Talking about the universe, one would obviously know that it is the summation of the planets, stars, space and everything else that constitutes this. This meaning does not cover reality exhaustively and thus the need for another reality theory which is reality 2. Reality 2 is what someone experiences out of reality 1. Every person has what he thinks or he experiences as a result of the totality of what is real. ...
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