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Ethics Case Study Name Instructor Institution Institution Case study 1 Main Points The Place of reason in Ethics is an endeavor to employ the methods of phenomenological analysis in ethical rationality. Toulmin and Jonsen primary concern is the clarification of the nature of moral logic and the logic that goes along with it.


Appeals are usually made to evidence as offering a logical reason for the adoption of particular laws of morality and living1. Key Ideas for support There are three strategies to the issue of moral decision making, imperative, subjective and objective. The objective strategy is erroneous in that it fails to offer an explicit method by which agreement may be reached as regards the allocation of values. A good example of this is the moral claim it is good which is very different to an empirical description such as it is raining. It is self evident that it would be illogical to make an assessment of a moral claim based on its properties. The subjective approach is wrong in that it argues that upon the reaching of agreement concerning the morality of a situation then it is only sentiments and attitudes which will result into difference. While attitudes and sentiments are important, reasons for support of a decision also have to be evaluated. The imperative approach is wrong in that it contends moral decisions to result from moral commands without giving reasons. Moral reasons which usually relate to duty to the self and the community ought to be the standard upon which moral decisions are made. ...
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