Teaching of Socrates

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According to the philosophical society, Socrates, a master of philosophers, did not profess to have wisdom(www.inner.org/) or knowledge(www.leidykla.vu.lt/inetleid/inf-mok/21/str5.html ), but he sought them. Kierkegaard, a danish existentialist(www.webster.edu/corbetre/ philosophy/existentialism/whatis.html) writer, showed his interest in the teachings of Socrates for he had to petition the king to be allowed to write his philosophy dissertation(www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/dec/essay.dissertation.html) On the Concept of Irony with constant reference to Socrates in Danish" ( http://www.philosophicalsociety.com/What%20Philosophy%20Is.htm#V.%20Philosophers%20On%20Philosophy) Here is one modern da


The three great Socratic philosophers, Socrates, Plato(www.wsu.edu:8080/dee/GREECE/PLATO.HTM), and Aristotle(www.philosophypages.com/hy/2n.htm), were to be "rediscovered" during the Renaissance(www.absoluteastronomy.com/ encyclopedia/c/ch/christendom.htm) and their rational, practical, and scientific ideas were to influence the thinking and the governmental, religious, and educational institutions of the entire western world" it also says that "Socrates was distinct in inculcating ideas on (a) Ethics(www.nd.edu/Departments/Maritain/etext/jmoral01.htm) that that influenced later Greek philosophers (b) Inductive method of reasoning. (www.cs.miami.edu/geoff/Courses/ CSC545-F05/Content/LogicalConsequence.shtml) (c) Imposed Knowledge is happiness. He believed that knowledge or insight is the foundation of virtue (depthome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/ classics/dunkle/studyguide/apology.htm) and happiness (plato.stanford.edu/entries/moral-character/) (d) Rationalism. ...
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