Terms "good" and "bad" "Death"

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The only certain thing in life is death. The subject of death has been widely discussed by sociologists, psychologists, doctors and religious leaders. While they all have contrasting opinions on the subject of death, the bottom line is that death is inevitable.


It is due to the common acceptance of this phenomenon that various theories have been advanced about death. "Good death" and "bad death" are now common subjects of discussion among sociologists. In the medical world, terminologies such as euthanasia and thanatology are taught in an effort of better understanding and handling of death. Euthanasia refers to mercy killing of terminally ill patients with the aim of easing their pain. This therefore means that the patient dies a "good death" On the other hand thanatology is the study of death and the circumstances that surround it. It is aimed at helping the dying and those left to cope with the expected loss courtesy of death.
The mere mention of the word death evokes different emotions. Noys (2005) says that in the contemporary western societies, the term is widely used with less emotion attached to it. Death is also discussed quite often in the Islamic culture. In Islam death is viewed as the wish of "Allah" and consequently there is no good or bad death here. In fact a Muslim would wish to die in a holy place like Mecca. Cases of suicide have been reported during a visit to this holy place. In the African culture, even the mere mention of the word death is strictly forbidden. From an early age children are taught to avoid the dreaded word.
Green (2008) agrees with the classification of good and bad death. ...
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