Is Concept Of Social Science Inherently Utopian?

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The utopian concept of the philosophical approach to social science aims to put forth how the entire state and other social factors in it should function, while also putting forth ways and means to achieve this end.


Deductive: The Philosophy to Social Sciences is an a Priori or Deductive method, which moves from the general to the particular, aiming at speculation and laying down what ought to be.
Abstract: It is more often than not, characterised by abstract thinking and a more ideal setting; wherein the pragmatic perspective if steered cleared of, and a more idealistic set-up is conjured and pictured as the desired end.
Universal Principles: The philosophy to the social sciences relies heavily on general universal principles, and does not move from the conventional notion of what should be the end and the means to achieve the end. It takes for granted, the truth of the conventional thinking pattern.
Methodology: A scholar engages himself in laborious theorising and abstract thinking, to explain the nature of social sciences from a philosophical perspective, which is again based on excogitated principles.
Ends: The purposes and ends of the state and other social sciences are drawn up from an ethical and philosophical perspective, rather than from an pragmatic or practical perspective.
This summarizes the manner in which philosophical approach to the social sciences is formulated.
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