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Buddhist Philosophy

The Buddha elucidates immersion into Nirvana as achieving ‘deathlessness’ ( in Pali Amata or Amravati) or ‘ the unconditioned’ and the highest spiritual attainment, which can be acquired through following a life of virtuous conduct in accordance with ‘Dharma’ (Bechert, 154). Buddhism approaches the concept of life through a sense of the higher and inner Soul or the “I” that describes the notion of void and selflessness. In Buddhism ‘Moksha’ or salvation happens when the soul or ‘jivatman’ recognizes its union with the source of all phenomenal existence – the Brahman. Advaita Vedanta says that the Self or Supreme Soul is formless, beyond being and non-being, beyond tangibility and comprehension (Bhaskarananda). An analogy is that the soul is like a drop of water, which upon salvation, merges with the ocean or the Supreme Soul. The concept of non-duality through enlightenment is best summed through the Sanskrit phrase – ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ or ‘Thou Art That’. The quest of life is to break free of separation of the ‘me’ and ‘you’ and see everything as ‘I AM’ (Bhaskarananda, 177). This is the approach of a dignified self-confidence that should one possess while enduring the stress of a modern job.
It should be remembered that the ‘I’ here is not the ego but the ‘True Self’. Everything is part of this larger ‘I’ and when awareness shifts from the egocentric ‘me, mine and I” to the real ‘I’, you actually see all that is just you and break free from all duality (Bhaskarananda, 51). ...
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The present essay is focused on the peculiarities of the Buddhist philosophy. Thus, it is stated in the text that Buddhist philosophy is a thought process that can be easily applicable to the die-hard competition of the Modern era. …
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