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Both Aristotle (in Metaphysics Book I) and Lucretius, stress upon the usages of the sensory means for the processes and possibilities of gaining knowledge. They believe, that it is through the senses, that knowledge is gained, or simply, information about the outside world comes inside. The importance and value of every sense are unique in its own right, as elaborated by both, in that the domain of the eye cannot be overtaken by the ear.
Aristotle puts forth the point that “all men naturally desire knowledge. [However there exist] degrees of intelligence, sense-perception, memory, experience, art, and experience”. This variation in processes of acquiring knowledge actually points out to the ability to gain, assimilate and reproduce knowledge. He went on to describe four kinds of ‘cause’, namely: formal, material, efficient and final. On the other hand, Lucretius also explains the nature of “vision, hearing, taste, and smell”, and the way things enter the mind and how the mind works. He explains at length the processes through which he believes information goes into the mental system, and also how each sense is performing their task in an exclusive way.
However, there are certain variations between both schools of thought when it comes to the connotation of the truthfulness of the knowledge gained. Aristotle believed, that “wisdom is the knowledge of certain causes and principles”. He tried to present a rationale for the wise man, in that there would be an innate ability to reason better than the rest. ...
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The author of the essay "Aristotle" casts light on this great philosopher. According to the text, Aristotle suggested that the followers of Pythagoras and the followers of Plato came up with very similar accounts of the causes of things and that their accounts had many problems in common. …
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