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Ethical Case Study According to (n.d.) there are nine ethical theories including consequentialism, values clarification, utilitarianism, legalistic moralism, situation ethics, ethical realism, ethical hierarcicalism, principle ethics, and cognitive moral development that are most commonly used to evaluate matters.


Utilitarian ethics provides a fairly straightforward means of deciding a course of action for a particular matter. Using the utilitarian theory of ethics, first all possible alternative courses of actions have to be identified which are then evaluated for their potential merits and demerits for all the concerned parties (Andre and Velasquez, n.d.). Finally, the course of action whose benefits are maximal is selected. In light of the utilitarian theory of ethics, Paige should have evaluated all courses of actions that could be adopted. There were potentially three courses of actions that she could adopt. According to the first, Paige could have said “no” to Liz. This would have made her a loyal employee for she would have respected the hotel’s rules. Also, the woman and the child that had booked the hotel would have been given due service to. Only Liz would have been caused inconvenience to, but again, Liz was herself responsible for her situation since she did not book the hotel beforehand while she should have. According to the second, Paige could have done what she did. The second course of action had two positive and two negative consequences. ...
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