Modern Society

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Modern society is defined by the repression of individual sexual expression & contrasted with postmodern society, which is characterized by the individual's quest for happiness at the expense of security [Bauman 1997]. Another dictionary definition of modern society puts it as:


For the period since the Middle Ages, the term Modern Times is used.
Freud as he is called as "the father of psychology" has contributed to the field of psychology in a way that it is tough to imagine the state of this field without his ideology & works. While the past has to be different from us, great thinkers are somehow also our contemporaries. They reach out to us over the centuries, what they said and thought still challenges us; it is their ideas
that succeed in keeping them alive. The liveliness of a historic writer does not mean that we have to accept everything that person had to say; we should retain the right to pick and choose that which wewant to accept for ourselves [Roazen 2000].
Freud wrote-The division of the psychical into what is conscious and what is unconscious is the fundamental premise of psychoanalysis; . . . psychoanalysis cannot situate the essence of the psychical in consciousness, but is obliged to regard consciousness as a quality of the psychical, which may be present in addition to other qualities or may be absent [S. Freud 1923]
Freud was engaging in a kind of public relations, as he praised one of Morselli's other writings "without any mixed feelings, with unreserved approval." [Roazen 2000]To Freud's student in Italy (Edoardo Weiss), whom Fr ...
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