The Socratic Theory of Recollection

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Education is a subject which now commands a great deal of attention. What kinds of schools should we have Who should attend them What purposes should they serve How much should government or private agencies control them To what degree and in what manner should they be financed by public monies What kind of intellectual, moral, political, and religious training, if any, ought they to provide These are questions which greatly agitate the politician, the parent, and the ordinary citizen alike.


What is education Are there any general objectives for it Are there any universal methods in it Is there such a thing as the typical child upon whom they may be practiced
Traditionally, philosophical methods have consisted of analysis and clarification of concepts, arguments, theories, and language. Philosophers, as philosophers, have not usually created theories of education (or teaching, learning, and the like); instead, they have analyzed theories and arguments--sometimes enhancing previous arguments, sometimes raising powerful objections that lead to the revision or abandonment of theories and lines of arguments. (Leon Bailey, 205)However, there are many exceptions to this view of philosophy as analysis and clarification. The classical Greek philosophers, for example, construed philosophy much more broadly and explored a host of questions that later philosophers--more narrowly analytic in their outlook--rejected as outside the scope of philosophy. ...
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