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Platos Academy

According to Plato there are absolute truths, mathematics is the key. While statements about the physical world will be relative to the individual and culture, mathematics is independent of those influences. Plato had Four Basic Points regarding mathematical applications:
4. Mathematics is thought and, therefore, it is eternal and can be known by anyone. (Today we view mathematical ideas as free creations of the human mind. They are the tools we use to map the world. Experience is the key. Although absolute certainty is not possible, we can still attain accurate knowledge and reasonable beliefs about the world.) (Nick Strobel)
In his classic volume, Republic, the mathematical sciences (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and harmonics) formed the foundation of Plato's curriculum, which included Elementary, military training and higher education. When we elucidate Plato's model of mathematical cognition and learning, we usually consider his mathematical curriculum, Plato may readily be seen as having put theory into practice on a scale unprecedented, in the history of mathematical education. (Stephen R. Campbell)
Plato's ideas of Mathematics in life and in education seem far less extreme than those touted by Pythagoras, as can be seen by reading Plato's Laws. ...
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Plato - one of the most important educational theorists and curriculum developers in Western history, whose contribution to the theory and practice of mathematics education has had a profound impact over the ages, possessed educational interests and accomplishments founded on the grounds of mathematical education based upon proofs and facts…
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