Ideal society in the Republic of Plato

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Full title of Plato's work under consideration is Republic: Concerning Justice. Plato is in search of Justice in the Kallipolis and in the individual. His Kallipolis is largely the 'city-state' of his time especially from 427 to 347 B.C.1 The earlier contemporaneous city-state with democratic form of government had inflicted an exile and death sentence on Plato's master teacher, Socrates.


His quest is for an Ideal State and Justice within the then larger society in Greece. He is clearly searching for a superior form of government - an Ideal away from gross irregularities of a democracy. 2
How does Plato construct his ideal society in The Republic Why does he see this Kallipolis as superior to other forms of government A few more, as it were, 'interlocutions' are necessary here. Such as, are their any inherent socio-contextual, epistemological and thematic limitations of logic in the Republic Why democracy should be regarded as the best form of political system Is it proper to criticise Plato, as attempted by Karl Popper, for something fundamentally outside the structure of his work3 Plato's Republic is, indeed, a masterly work of philosophy. It is "a dramatised philosophy of human life".4 It does not mean that it is an embodiment of perfection.
There are imperfections and errors of logic. For example, it is easy for any reader of Plato's Republic to say "What a life without a wife and without one's own identifiable progeny" anent his ideas of communism of wives and children. There is also complete omission of law in the Republic. For some analysts, Republic is not a treatise on politics. ...
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