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Behavioralism in Comparative Politics

That is why researchers give a great attention to the assumptions that underlie their approach to the subjects. It also matters a great deal whether to see politics as mainly concerned with the activities of a few people, or as receiving its force from the needs of masses. Any approach is aimed to emphasize some specific aspects of a phenomenon.
Argument: Behavioralism is a methodological approach which helps to understand politics through concepts of natural science avoiding concepts which cannot be quantified. This approach is essential for comparative politics as it helps to analyze political processes, which cannot be discovered and analyzed by other methodological approaches such as neoliberalism or realism.
Behavioralism was a popular methodological approach developed in 1950s-1960s in America. In comparative politics, Behavioralism is connected with: "individual attitudes, personalities, and physical activity, such as voting, criminal behavior, aggression, etc. and then generalizes to a similar group.Political scientists study political behavior, voting, for example" (Introduction to Research methods. 2003). In general, behavioralism examines the factors affecting imitation and notes that behaviour is more likely to be copied. Imitating or modelling as it is called, can be seen to be a very important part of the political process. ...
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Comparative politics is a specific sphere of human activity in which the differences of social groups, nations, and classes are reflected. A core of politics is the problem of gaining and holding of state power. Politics, as any other science, exploits different methodologies…
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