Habitus in the Modern World

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Pierre Bourdieu was a highly respected French sociologist whose thoughts helped introduce a more holistic approach to the field. His life was spent conducting empirical research into his various theories regarding human behavior, particularly as he saw an interrelated and cohesive structure rather than the sort of compartmentalized approach to group vs.


"The struggle of social distinction, whatever its symbolic form, is for Bourdieu a fundamental dimension of all social life. The larger issue, then, is one of power relations among individuals, groups and institutions (particularly the educational system). Indeed, for Bourdieu power is not a separate domain of study but stands at the heart of all social life" (6). To discover how power is regulated and dispersed throughout the sociological systems of human existence, Bourdieu strove throughout his life to discover the 'master' science that would unlock the codes of human behaviors regardless of culture or society. While sociological theories are often dedicated most stringently to the various hierarchies and power balances as they are found within the group structures, Bourdieu took his ideas further to explore how the various individuals within the group were typically provided their status and power, concentrating most especially upon how they learned the rules of the game when no rules, written or otherwise, are to be found.
Within his work, Bourdieu struggled always to find a sort of 'master' science that would explain the various detailed elements of ever ...
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