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Is Sartre's Existentialist account of morality more preferable than that based on the existence of God - Essay Example

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Is Sartre's Existentialist account of morality more preferable than that based on the existence of God

This essay will explore different views of existential philosophers in support of or repudiation to Sartre's existential account of morality. We must also bear in mind the political/theological atmosphere surrounding all of these thinkers, which propelled them to pen their thoughts for consideration by the intellectual community.
Herein lies the division between philosophy and theology; many times it seems that there is no division, simply an attempt to apply reason to religion, as it were. The very basis of philosophy is the search for Truth, and philosophers in general agree that no one owns Truth.
The origins of philosophy were based around the conduct of humanity, based upon logic, ethics and emotion, with or without a God. While the philosophers of antiquity such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle addressed these three key components of philosophy whilst having been related to each other in terms of being each other's students, they managed to accommodate their contemporary theology in their views and ideas. In addition, the same disdain of politicians existed in their works, just as modern times.
As philosophy progressed, politics of the day encroached more and more, taking on a more insistent voice in the musings of the philosophers. ...Show more


The concept of morality is complex and difficult from many angles. The questions seem to be rhetorical, and over time philosophers and theologians alike have grappled with the purpose, origins and even the very definition of morality.

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