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Universalistic theories of organisational behavior

As observed by Kroeber & Kluckhon (1952) "culture is something that is shared by all or almost all members of some social group, something that the older members of the group try to pass on to the younger members, and something that shapes behavior."Thus it can be inferred that any culture consists of the ideas about how the people should live by specifying the ideals, values, and assumptions that shapes the specific behavioural patterns of different people. According to Brislin (1993) culture is the creation of people, passed on from one generation to the other. He further states that there are bound to be emotional reactions when the particular values of one culture are being violated; in circumstances where the expected behaviours of a culture are not followed also there may occur some emotional outbursts. Similarly the effect of religion on the culture is one thing that can not be ignored. Culture therefore is bound by various limiting factors that are dependent on the locations, regions or countries.
The effect of such cultural differences can be expected to have their impact on the employee bahaviour in varying dimensions and degrees in different countries in the business organizations as well. Especially in an era of economic globalization, the business and industrial houses disperse to nations that are geographically far off breaking all barriers. Under such circumstance it becomes imperative for the multinational and transnational companies to employ the local workforce along with the expatriates. ...
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As observed by Kroeber & Kluckhon (1952) "culture is something that is shared by all or almost all members of some social group, something that the older members of the group try to pass on to the younger members, and something that shapes behavior."…
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