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The Philosophy of The Upanishads

Sometimes this has resulted in even atheist thinking with in Hinduism. Later compositions often cite the authority of the Vedas as the more orthodox of Hindu scriptures. Many of the ideas in Hinduism like Dharma, Moksha and Karma are a matter of confusion even for the best of minds. Some times even the Vedas and Upanishads may not give the faithful clarity of mind. However, the search for truth by itself is a spiritual experience even when one has unsolved question in the mind. The essay concludes by the assertion that the Vedas are the ultimate spring from which other scriptures took their origin.
Scriptural authority in Hinduism has many levels. (Lipner, 1988, P.26) In other religious texts the idea of inspiration, which is very sacrosanct and rigidly defined, is left somewhat vague in Hinduism. It is not even expected that all believers should fall in line with a canonical adherence to any doctrine as in other religions. "In an attempt to set monotheism firmly within the framework of classical Hinduism, Debendranath tried to find authority in the Vedas but became disillusioned with further study and decided that reason and conscience should be the test of the authority of any scriptural text."(Brockington 176)
In traditional Hinduism the Vedas have been given the status of the ultimate canonical text of divine knowledge. ...
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The traditional Hinduism has many levels of thinking. Vedas are the primordial scriptures and even more perfected spiritual writings ultimately derive their essence from the Vedas. Do Vedas have any origin No, they were all the time with the Absolute. The transmission of the Vedas from one generation to another is done in a unique way…
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