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1. Cultural relativism is a concept according to which human values don't have a general character and essentially vary according to various cultural prospects. This relativism is sometimes extended to encouragement, protection, interpretation and application of human rights which may be interpreted differently within the framework of various cultural, ethnic and religious traditions.


In such extreme expression this relativism may dangerously threaten the efficiency of international law and international remedial systems which had been created during many decades. If the observance of international standards will be regulated by extremely cultural tradition, large-scale disrespect, violation and infringements of human rights will become consecrated by the law. In "The Challenge of Cultural Relativism" Rachels attacks the trendy idea of cultural relativism:
Undoubtedly, this argument is unacceptable because the principle is right, but the conclusion is wrong. So, it does not follow from the simple fact of difference that there is no real truth regarding the matter of incongruity.
In process of interaction and mix of cultures the culture of the personality also changes. This process may both enrich and disorient people. Present instability of cultural aspect of the personality reflects fundamental changes in how we today perceive and express themselves. According to Rachels there are three consequences of cultural relativism. He states that if relativism were true "we could no longer say that the customs of other societies are morally inferior to our own". ...
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