Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethics Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Overview of the Facility 4 Organizational Structures and Responsibilities 5 Ethical Dilemmas 7 Ethical Standards 9 Implementing and Ensuring the Ethical Code of Conduct 11 Consequences in Case of Violation of the Code of Ethics 12 Conclusion 13 Bibliography 16 Introduction Ethics is provided with immense importance in the health care industry.


Here, physicians perform their functions principally like free agents who sell by way of offering their services in exchange of certain cost to the patients. Most of the people prefer to protect themselves from the growing cost of availing health care services by keeping themselves insured. Therefore, the ethics related to the insurance industry also comes under consideration in this context. The health care industry deals with sensitive issues like the medical record of the patients, their relevant personal details and in case of insured patients, their financial details as well. Ethical instruction ensures the safeguard of such information and prevents them from getting misused. The concern for privacy has become an integral part of the medical profession from the formation of the ‘Hippocratic Oath’. This is known to be among the oldest obligatory conformity in the history. Ethical considerations or rather the guiding principles help in setting a specification for the kind of service that is to be expected from the physicians and the hospitals (Netiq, 2006). Overview of the Facility Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are known to provide unique services in health care. ...
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