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Feminist Principles and Practices in Geography

They explored feminist contributions from ecological movement, black, feminist and gay movements, the forces of nationalism, and so on. They find out that each and every one of these oppositional cultures possessed a distinctive geography, which is a vital part of their ability to survive and contest dominant orders. (Peet & Thrift, 1989, p. 21)
So what kind of feminist critical practice does the new geography of identity foster' First, let it be said that feminist criticism has not been and should not be limited to discussions of identity and subjectivity. But since these issues have been so foundational for much feminist criticism, it is important for us to think through the implication of the new geography for work that continues to explore the production and reception of women's writing and the textuality of gender. Second, feminist critical practice focused on questions of identity and subjectivity has already begun to change significantly as a result of the new geographics.
The initial incursion of women's issues and feminist analysis into urban geography was an angry one. ...
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Since the involvement of the feminist's philosophies in Geography, it has laid down a challenge to old ways of thinking, with the exposure of women of all classes in patriarchal structures. None of the developments which involved the contribution of feminists could be ignored for they were constitutive of new ways of thinking which apart from being developmental were both political and personal, that is they involved not just planning out programmes to change social structures but also a deep commitment to changing 'oneself'…
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