Utopia as Ideal Community

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Utopia is the name for an ideal community or society. The book Island written in 1962 by Adous Huxley is about a fictional island named Pala. The island is inhabited by a people that practice the Buddhist lifestyle and are essentially happy. It is an oasis shut off from the rest of the world.


This paper will trace the 60's as they were and discuss the issues that fragmented this culture or this Utopia.
The sixties was a time of youth. There were 70 million children from the post war baby boom that became teenagers during this time. It was a time in which everything moved away from the conservatism of the 1950's. Young people wanted change and they got it. There were revolutionary ways of thinking about things and doing things. These changes affected everything around them including education, values, lifestyles, law and entertainment, change was in the air but it became quickly obvious that some of that change would be painful.
Artistic style was upheaval art or assemblage and kinetic abstract. This was socially different and more colorful than art that came before it. It showed the times, drugs, free living, and psychedelic colors (Kimmelman, 1994). Literature reflected what was happening in the political and social arenas. Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird reflected race relations and the many problems that came with it. Maya Angelou became popular for the first time and so did Margaret Alexander. The feminists were protesting and Mary McCarthy wrote the Feminine Mystique. Then there was Catch 22 and One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest which attempted to show the disillusionment of the times. It becomes clear from this that even in the literature and art there was some fragmentation. ...
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