Political Corruption in Africa

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Political corruption is a malaise that has infected governments since the Roman Empire as power corrupts. The damage inflicted by corrupt officials reflects on the believability of government, and impacts the populace, with the degree of the foregoing dependent upon the extent of corruption ingrained in its leadership and institutions.


In equating the subject matter of this study, political corruption lies at the core of this examination. The subject, political corruption, as described by Harris (2003, p. 1)" is a multifaceted and mutable concept, defiant of precise or comprehensive definition". In delving into the context, Lasswell (1958, p. 6) starts off the process by defining "politics as the art of who gets what, when, and how". When one considers the definition of corruption as "The act of the process of corrupting The state of being corrupt" (Houghton Mifflin, 2009). In considering corruption within this examination, it must be remembered that broad areas of power and resources are a part of the context, thus Rose-Ackerman's (1978, p. 1) definition of corruption termed it an " allocative mechanism " for scarce resources that helps us to hone in on corruption in the context of this study. She adds that the foregoing allocation represents a sharing between a (Rose-Ackerman's, 1978, p. 9):
"market system in which wide inequalities of income are taken for granted, [and a] democratic political system that grants a formal equality to each citizen's vote . . . ...
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