Why Is Philosophy Valuable

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Philosophy is the discipline studied by all students during all historical periods. Still, the question of value and importance of philosophy is open. Philosophy is valuable because it represents a form of thinking. Philosophy represents rhetoric, a practice devoted to argumentation and persuasion.


It characteristically aspires to something quite a bit more ambitious than the rhetorical and political, and presumes to be based on something considerably more substantial than mere assertion. Philosophical investigation is driven by a passion for things like insight, understanding, and truth. Philosophy is thus founded in the human need to make sense of the world and our place in it. What distinguishes it from mere personal opinion and credulity is its rejection of passionate convictions as sufficient grounds for belief and action, and its commitment to careful analysis and systematic reasoning (Granitto n.d.). Philosophy is the discipline which allows a person to be able to think rationally and irrationally. Philosophers are inveterate askers of questions, people who find intractable problems and issues in what to others seems obvious and utterly uncontroversial. It is not for no reason that the philosopher has been considered (to put it politely) a gadfly. So to approach the study of philosophy with the expectation of finding a coolly dispassionate endeavor governed by strict laws of logic and marked by widespread agreement on fundamental issues is to seriously misunderstand its nature and underestimate its difficulty. Philosophy is no mere marshaling of views, no purveyor of irrefutable, absolute truths. ...
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