Ethics Philosophy

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1. In his discussions on the subject of happiness, John Stuart Mill proposes that it is better to be an unhappy human than a happy animal (or happy inferior human). Mill, answering the question of summum bonum-the higher good-which he says is central to concerns of the foundations of morality, (Solomon, 318) uses the human versus pig/fool analogy to support utilitarian philosophy.


Second, Mill considers the possible grounds of justification for this mindset: the higher party's position, he says, could be attributed to pride, love of freedom, love of autonomy, or to the love of power or excitement. But, he returns, justification of holding onto one's position, refusing to trade places regardless of the degree of happiness of the pig/fool that surpasses his/hers, rests in human dignity. This, Mill reasons, is so imperative to intelligent, superior beings, that they would for no reason outside it compromise it.
Further, Mills admonishes anyone contesting his approach as one who is confusing the definitions/conditions of happiness and contentment. ...
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