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Michael Foucault's work on the history of subjectivity

This dissertation shall discuss the various aspects relevant in the study with especial reference to the social theorist Foucault, one of the philosophers who have contributed to the reformation of modern geography with regard to individual subjectivity and identity.
Michel Foucault, a French philosopher and theorist, initiated a lasting relationship between the post-structural movements and concepts like, genealogy of power; the body and sexuality in relation to power; power in relation to politics and freedom; subjectivity, identity and resistance; feminism etc. Michel Foucault has to his credit the following works: The History of Sexuality; Discipline and Punish, Politics; Philosophy, Culture: Interviews and Other Writings Knowledge, etc; Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics; Michel Foucault: Power/Knowledge. While some people find Foucault's analysis of the relations between power and the body enlightening, some others have criticized his theories, drawing attention to its limitations. ...
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Michael Foucault's work on the history of subjectivity, governmentality and space has been highly influential in shaping the geographers understanding of the relationship between modernity and identity. Discuss
The Twentieth Century has opened the gateways of a modern world, by ushering in new technology and scientific advancement…
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