Assess Hume's Contribution To The Philosophy Of Religion

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Born in conservative times, David Hume offered original thinking-an influential philosopher, he criticized philosophy of religion- the standard proofs of God’s existence- God’s nature-divinity-he attempts to unmask the doctrines and dogmas of religious belief.


Many theologians felt Hume as a threat to religion- he discussed the origin of theism- first polytheists because people feared uncontrollable natural phenomena-then monotheism as people’s understanding grew- Hume’s states that monotheism is dogmatic and intolerant- states that the idea of God is copied from our natural attributes which are augmented to infinity- states that he does not believe in the resurrection of Christ as he has not seen it himself- causes much discord with Christians- shows that men have preference for the unreasonable and untheoretical- a fact that can be proven in today’s times also- undermined the two pillars of traditional Christian belief of natural and revealed religion-His work ‘Dialogues concerning natural religion’ are full of irony-skeptical arguments are powerful-making people feel that it is his final point of view-however these can be considered as reductions of theories for a clearer picture-point out false metaphysics and promote true metaphysics. known as the last of the great triumvirate of "British empiricists"- Hume puts it: "Man is a reasonable being, and, as such, receives from science his proper food and nourishment." – scientific approach to philosophy-identification with the Copy Principle-He puts hypotheses and systems to moral points-rejects a range of philosophical views-gives his own theories-takes in both positivism and negativism showing the trend to experiment-let all the shades of a color example- statements of defenders that Hume has not given a right answer why-further his work inspired Charles Darwin and others who took different directions of thinking from here. ...
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