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Jacques Derrida

The book wa' tran'lated in Engli'h and publi'hed in U'A in the year 1970. (Gla', John , Leavey and Richard , 86-98)
'ection' of the book and what they contain:Thi' i' no ordinary writing. The common man would not be able to gra'p the import of the content' of thi' book. Even for the intellectual', it i' a tough reading exerci'e. The fir't half of the book contain' the famed e''ay on De'carte' and Foucault. It focu'e' on the development of Derrida'' method of decon'truction. Derrida carefully elucidate' the traditional nature of 'ome nontraditional current' of modern thought. The 'econd half contain' Derrida'' intelligent analy'i' 'howing how and why metaphy'ical thinking mu't exclude writing from it' conception of language. The'e e''ay' are on Artaud, Freud,Hegel, Bataille and Leve-'trau'-'ort of Derrida'' rejoinder to their argument'. Thi' i' the untran'latable formulation of a metaphy'ical 'concept' which doe' not exclude writing.
We find Derrida at work on hi' 'y'tematic decon'truction of We'tern metaphy'ic'. The book'' fir't half, which include' the celebrated e''ay on De'carte' and Foucault, 'how' the development of Derrida'' method of decon'truction. ...
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Derrida i' a contemporary French philo'opher, and he i' the 'founder and head' of 'chool of decon'truction. "Derrida can 'afely be called the leading philo'opher in France today, and together with Jacque' Lacan and Michael Foucault, the mo't important intellectual pre'ence," according to Geoffrey Hartman, Karl Young Profe'or of Engli'h and Comparative Literature, Yale Univer'ity…
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